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(Houston, Tx), (May-31-2014) – A Houston energy advisor recommends that homeowners find out now how your home and your air conditioner will work together (or against each other) to create a consistently comfortable environment during the summer months.


“Air conditioners can use up about half of a home’s energy usage each month,” said Ray Serenil of A-Plus Mechanical Services, Inc. “So whether or not it’s operating properly has a big impact on your energy bill. But there’s also the other side of the equation. There are many factors related to the energy efficiency of the home itself that can show up in your bill if not identified.”


Ray says he provides homeowners in Houston an energy analysis as a courtesy. “This is our way to help our neighbors find ways to save energy while still staying comfortable,” Ray said. “Giving your home a walkthrough with an eye to what could be wasting energy is especially useful in the spring before those high temperatures set in.”


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