Prepare Your AC Unit for Spring

The cold months never seem to last long in the south, especially not in Houston, Texas. Before we know it the warm spring months will be upon us, bringing high temperatures and extreme humidity- meaning you will be running your air conditioning unit more frequently. You will be putting your air conditioner into hyper drive, trying to make it accommodate the warm temperatures. This is why it is so important before the heat gets here to ensure your air conditioning unit is operating at peak performance, so you do not have to go without cool air, due to an issue with your unit. Don’t wait for a problem to arise, get your air conditioning unit evaluated and serviced now!


Spring Air Conditioning Checklist Houston TX

Here are some suggestions to make sure your air conditioning unit is ready for the hot and humid, Houston spring season:
-Take A Look Around: While we are lucky enough to not have to deal with lots of snow or frequent deep freezes, we do have our share of cold weather. Cold weather drives animals of all types to take cover from the cold. This sometimes will bring them to find safety in your unit. Look around for nests that have been built within your unit. In addition to nests, also take a good look to make sure debris, such as, twigs, leaves, trash, etc. have not found their way into your unit. Another thing to keep an eye out for is rust and corrosion. This can come from age, moisture, animal urine, and more.


-Clean or Replace Your Filter: While there is some maintenance variation between different filters, on average you should be cleaning your air conditioning unit’s filter ever 1-3 months, A clean filter provides you with higher air quality and keeps your unit from having to work harder to provide you with air.


Call Us For A Tune-Up: There are several benefits for having routine air conditioning unit tune-ups. Not only will this ensure your unit is functioning properly, it allows you the chance to catch problems before the become severe. When we perform an air conditioning tune-up we check the health and functionality of your condenser, refrigerant pressures, outdoor and indoor fan motors, thermostat, compressor, safety controls, air handler, ductwork, drain pan and safety switch, electrical wiring, blower wheel, and more!


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