With spring approaching, there is something weighing heavily on lots of Houston resident’s minds…The heat! When it starts to heat up outside we all have to use more electricity to keep our homes at a consistent, pleasant and comfortable temperature. Using more electricity directly correlates to having to pay out the roof prices to get through the hot months. This has many homeowners turning to energy efficient options for cooling their homes. Here is a list of benefits for those who make the switch to energy efficient air conditioning:

-Lower Energy Bills: It is estimated that nearly half of your energy bill costs come directly from your air conditioning and heating system. Whenever you have an older model, or an air conditioner that is unreliable, the costs will only be higher.

-More Control: Newer, energy efficient air conditioners allow you the ability to set and control the climate of your home. Many options allow for you to set and program your cooling system so that even if you are not home you are in control of the temperature in your home.

-Environmentally Friendly: Not only are you going to save money whenever you switch to an energy efficient air conditioner, you are also making a choice that is better for our environment. Older air conditioning units send greenhouse gases that are dangerous for the environment.

-Rebates From The Government: Since older air conditioners are bad for the environment, the United States government is incentivizing homeowners to invest in energy efficient air conditioning solutions by offering rebates for many appliances that meet their standard.

-Quieter Comfort: These newer energy efficient models have been made to run quietly and work within your home’s layout in a seamless fashion. This allows for a less intrusive cooling experience for your family.

-Control By The Room: If you have rooms that are unoccupied or barely used, why should you have to pay to cool them? Energy efficient models can easily be modified to choose which rooms you wish to use energy to cool and which can be ignored.

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