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Your New and Healthy Home May Not Be So Healthy

Keeping your home warm and cozy is an enjoyable way to spend the cooled Fall months.  Yet an indoor air expert is alerting homeowners that the health consequences of an “airtight home” can last long after the colder temperatures are gone.


“Our homes are tightly closed in fall and winter in order to keep the heat in, but that also keeps in germs and bacteria,” said Ray Serenil of A-Plus Mechanical Services, Inc.


“So you end up with a home full of indoor air pollutants that can produce symptoms that seem like any ordinary illness, and that include fatigue, headaches, scratchy throat or nasal irritation,” Serenil said.  “The cases are even more serious if someone is exposed to carbon monoxide, which is a deadly gas that often comes from poorly ventilated heating systems.”


With winter approaching, Ray recommends that homeowners pay attention to the air they’ve been breathing.  “ With flu season and winter sniffles and colds, you simply can’t afford to ignore your indoor air,” he said.


His commitment to improving indoor air for his customers is the reason he has joined a team of climate control specialists that are qualified to provide a thorough inspection of a home’s indoor air.


“The Healthy Air Review pinpoints air quality problems within the home that can affect a family’s health, as well as their comfort and safety,” Serenil said.


“Homeowners have been amazed when they’ve seen the results of these tests,” Ray said.  “They usually have no idea so many problem areas would show up in their indoor air.”


The good news is that the risks posed by the air within a home are typically easy to address once they’ve been identified.  “Usually we’re able to offer a simple solution when we see some of the trouble spots,” Serenil said.  “The biggest risk comes before the test, when you don’t know what hidden dangers there are.”


For more information about the Healthy Air Review, call A-Plus Mechanical Services at (281) 970-5200.